Solar system RF solar led flood light, 3w/6w/10w/20w/30w solar led flood light

Solar system RF outdoor 10w led floodlight, RF solar led flood light

Support one 1pcs solar panel to connect with two 2pcs solar led flood lights with RF remote dimmable function. (only we can do it)

NEWSTAR LED co., limited is a professional LED lighting products manufacturer, now they came out a newest design “RF solar led flood light”. Normal solar led flood light just include solar panel, battery, led flood light, solar panel collects energy during the day and Automatically illuminates when the sun goes down provides some hours of light each night.
Now NEWSTAR LED manufacturer provide a smart solar led flood light, also include solar panel, battery, led flood light, AND RF remote, what is RF control? you should know it if you have RF rgb led flood light before, NEWSTAR LED's RF remote for the solar led flood light as below:

Let's see what’s special for RF Remote controller
1. One remote can control several lights.
2. After set code, the light will turn off during daytime, and it will turn on automatically after sunset, and lights will turn to be half power mode after few hours (you can set the time)
3. 100-150m control distance, brightness adjustable, all under control even you sit at balcony.

Want to know more details, please contact with us:

Adjust the brightness

Now let's see some pictures for NEWSTAR LED's  RF solar led flood light

(10W RF solar led flood light)

(This is still 10W RF solar led flood light, however it is used 30W led flood light housing, and more popular)

(safe package for RF solar led flood light)

Specification for 10W RF Solar led flood light
With 18pcs Epistar 5730SMD LEDs.
Light output is 700/350 lumens (full/half power).
Comparable to a 130 watt incandescent bulb (at full power).
International Standard materials..
2800-6500K color temperature is available (if you need RGB color, please contact us
Includes Ni-MH 7800mah 7.4Vt battery.
NEWSTAR LED also provide polycrystalline solar panel for you, or you can buy polycrystalline solar panel from other professional factory, and just buy RF solar led flood light from NEWSTAR LED.

Besides 10W RF solar led flood light, NEWSTAR LED also could provide 3W/6W/20W/30 RF solar led flood light for your choose, and provide OEM service, we can print your logo or other information on the Lamp or Box, if you have any other request, please also tell us

(20W RF Solar led flood light)

(30W RF Solar led flood light)

This incredibly bright LED solar flood light is powered by the sun and uses a fraction of the electricity of a normal light. Light up flags, signs, house numbers, driveways, porches, statuary, or any large outdoor feature. It lasts virtually forever with no utility charges, ever. Light stays bright for up to 7 hours at full-power when fully charged, but you can use RF remote to adjust the brightness, or let it turn to work in half power after few hours later(you can set this).

NEWSTAR LED solar led flood light system, include a RF controller, so it is more easy to control the lamp.

The users can change the brightness. This will depend on one’s preference. However, when the light is used specifically for lighting purposes at night, it is smart than other normal solar led flood light, as you can control it via RF remote.

If you wan to know more details about our RF Solar led flood light, please contact with us at once,, this is a good chance to expand your business in the solar lighting area, we are looking forward to get your inquiry.

1,  Default length cable wire, LED flood light with 1M DC Male, Solar Panel with 1M DC Female
2, If you need longer cable wire on the LED flood light, add $0.5 cost per meter, the Max length only 5M.
3, Support One solar panel connect with Two LED flood light, the one-in&two-out connecter is available.

Date: 11/7/2015

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