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What is the difference between 3528 and 5050 type LED strip?
The 2 most common types of LED strip are currently 3528 and 5050 type LED strips. You will see this mentioned in many of the descriptions of the LED strip we supply on this site. This number simply refers to the dimensions of the LED chip used which is then mounted onto the flexible PCB. 3528 LED strip then, measures 3.5mm x 2.8mm and 5050 strip measures 5mm x 5mm. Generally the smaller 3528 LED strip is lower power. These LED chips are typically used for LED strip rated at either 4.8 watts per metre which has 60 LEDs per metre or 9.6 watts per metre when 120 LEDs per metre are used. 3528 LED strip is usually 8mm wide. The larger 5050 LED strip tends to be brighter, is 10mm wide usually and is rated at 7.2 watts per metre when 30 LEDs per metre are used, or 14.4 watts per metre when 60 LEDs per metre are used.
Both the 3528 LED strip and the 5050 LED strip provide very good light levels, and although 5050 LED strip is the brighter of the 2, it’s not always the best; your decision should always depend on your application. For example, the 3528 LED strip which is rated at 9.6 watts per metre has 120 LEDs per metre so the LEDs are mounted very close together. This has the effect of providing a much denser light, whereas the 14.4 watts per metre 5050 LED strip, even though it’s more powerful and brighter has 60 LEDs per metre, so they are spaced much further apart which can lead to the LEDs appearing as individual spots. If you are not sure what type of LED strip lighting is best for your requirement then we are always here to help.
What colours of tape are available?
We offer a wide-range of colours. You can choose from LED strips that are cool white, warm white, colour temperature adjustable white. We also offer colour changing 'RGB LED strip' and colour adjustable RGBW LED tape which offer the widest colour pallet of all, to create your own colour mix using one of our range of LED controllers including our Wifi LED strip controller and Wall mount LED strip dimmer.
What colour LED strip can you get?
We have a massive selection of LED strip lighting. The most popular colours are Cool White (6000K) and Warm White (3000K) but in addition to this we provide Daylight White (4000K) and Super Warm White (2200K). Its important when ordering the LED strip for your installation that you try to order as much as you need for the whole job at the same time. This way, where possible we will ensure the LED strip is supplied from the same production batch to acheive maximum colour consistancy across the whole order. Where LED strip is supplied across multiple orders there may be variation in the light colour. For example where the colour of LED strip is stated as 2700K warm white, there will be a tolerance of approx. + and - 10% on this from one production batch to the next, according to what bin of LED is used (subject to availability). LED supplies always looks to offer the greatest level of uniformity possible between production batches and match the stated colour temperature as closely as possible, but this colour tolerance should be considered when placing your order. The chart below gives you a good idea of how different types of white light LED strip compare. In addition to the white LED strip types, we also offer Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and colour changing LED strips. The colour changing strip is usually called RGB which stands for Red Green Blue, or we offer RGBW which is Red Green Blue White, which, with the additional White LED chip has the broadest colour pallet of all.