Do you want to know more details about the LED Strip light?

NEWSTAR LED CO., LIMITED is a professional factory for all kinds of LED strip, as below: 

1, 2835 smd 60leds/m led strip
2, 2835 smd 120leds/m led strip
3, 3014 smd 60leds/m led strip
4, 3014 smd 120leds/m led strip
5, 3528 smd 60leds/m led strip
6, 3528 smd 120leds/m led strip
7, 3528 smd 240leds/m led strip
8, 5050 smd 60leds/m led strip
9, 5050 smd 120leds/m led strip
10, 5050 smd 60leds/m RGB+W led strip
11, 5050 smd 120leds/m RGB+W led strip
12, 5050 smd 60leds/m RGBW led strip
13, 6603 IC DC12V led strip
14, 8806 IC DC12V led strip
15, 2801 IC DC12V led strip
16, 2811 IC DC12V led strip
17, 1803 IC DC12V led strip
18, 1903 IC DC12V led strip
19, HL1606 IC DC12V led strip
19, 2812B IC DC5V led strip ( 30leds/m, 32leds/m, 60leds/m, 72leds/m, 144leds/m)
20, APA104 IC DC5V led strip30leds/m, 60leds/m, 144leds/m)
21, APA102 IC DC5V led strip ( 32leds/m, 60leds/m, 72leds/m, 144leds/m)
22, DMX512 DC5V/DC12V/DC24V led strip  ( 30leds/m, 40leds/m, 60leds/m)
23, 2216 smd led strip lights
60leds/m 2835 smd led strip: 

120leds/m 2835 smd led strip:

60leds/m 3014 smd led strip: 

120leds/m 3014 smd led strip: 

60leds/m 3528 smd led strip: 

120leds/m 3528 smd led strip: 

240leds/m 3528 smd led strip: 

60leds/m 5050 smd led strip: 

120leds/m 5050 smd led strip: 

5050 smd 60leds/m RGB+W led strip: 

5050 smd 120leds/m RGB+W led strip: 

5050 smd 60leds/m RGBled streifen

LPD6803 IC DC12V led strip

LPD8806 IC DC12V led strip

9812 IC DC12V led strip

WS2801 IC DC12V led strip

WS2811 IC DC12V led strip

UCS1903 IC DC12V led strip

TM1803 IC DC12V led strip

HL1606 IC DC12V led strip

2812B IC DC5V led strip 

☆APA104 IC DC5V led strip☆

☆APA102 IC DC5V led strip☆

DMX512 DC5V/DC12V/DC24V led strip

Newstar LED Co., Limited is a market-leading innovator and professional led manufacturers in the field of high power led that engaged in researching, developing, manufacturing and sales of led light, Newstar has a well-trained team including full experienced technicians and salesman, "product quality and service foremost" is our main goal.