NS107S, the upgrade of APA107 LED, much better than Taiwan APA102

NS107S is the upgrade type of APA107 LED
PWM refresh rate >26kHz, Oscillator Frequency is 30MHz

NS107S LED Product Overview
NS107S RGB LED Chip is a type ic for the three-color RGB Diming control strip and string ,This ic using the CMOS process to provide three-color RGB LED output driver to adjust the output with 256 gray scale and 32 brightness adjustment, NS107S Pixel diodes with 2 signal output way , one is clock ,another is data, the clock and data is synchronizated, so that the crystal cascade piece of output movement is sychronizated.

RGB NS107S LED Strip

White NS107S LED Strip

NS107S LED Feature
CMOS process,low voltage ,low consumption
Synchronization of two-lane
Choose positive output or negative RGB three-color LED output
8 bit(256 level) color set ,5bit(32 level) brightness adjustment
Build-20ma constant current output
With self-detection signal build in support for continuous oscillation PWM
output ,can be maintained static screen

NS107S LED Main Application Field:
● Full color LED string light, LED full color module, LED super hard and soft lights, LED guardrail tube, LED appearance/scene lighting
● LED point light, LED pixel screen, LED shaped screen, a variety of electronic products, electrical equipment etc..

NS107S LED Mechanical Product Size (unit mm):

NS107S LED Application Circuit:

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