The benefits of solar LED Flood lights

As you know NEWSTAR LED is promoting their newest design-solar LED flood lights with RF remote, this is design make solar led flood light more smart, you can adjust the brightness if you don't high lumen, so can save more power to light up for a whole night.
And it is better for big outdoor billboard, as you can control many of our solar led flood light via one RF remote, like below picture:

And our RF remote have two mode, one is Manual mode, another one is Automatic mode, different function with different mode, and very easy to use.

Now let us know more benefits about the solar LED Flood lights
There benefits of solar LED Flood lights are numerous. Here are some examples:

•Low energy costs. The sun is well-known for providing solar radiation without charge.

•Little maintenance. Solar power products have few moveable parts which means that fewer parts exist to break. They last for a long time and require little attention once installed.

•No emissions. Perhaps the greatest benefits of solar lighting are the environmental benefits. Solar lighting does not contribute to global warming in any way.

•Renewable resource. Solar power is a renewable resource. Other energy resources, such as coal and oil, have finite supplies. The power of the sun, on the other hand, will keep on shining, potentially beyond human existence.

•With solar lighting there is no risk of electrocution and the lights are cool to the touch, making them safe for children and pets.

•solar LED Flood lights continue working even if there has been a power outage. Because the energy isn’t coming off of an electrical grid, power outages make no difference.

•You can use solar lighting to light homes, cabins, or RVs in remote locations. It can be very expensive to run power lines out to a cabin in the woods. Setting up solar power may be a cheaper, more practical alternative.

•Versatility. Solar energy can power many different lighting needs, including walkway lights, indoor lights, security lights, portable spotlight stands, and handheld lanterns and flashlights.

•Another of the many benefits of solar lighting is that most outdoor solar lights have automatic light sensors. There is no need to stress about turning them on or off; it is handled automatically.

•Easy installation. The majority of outdoor solar LED Flood lights has no confusing wires that must be connected to your main electrical system. Setting up your lights can be as simple as hanging them on a tree or staking them into the ground.

These advantages extend to both the wallet and the environment. In addition to all of this, the benefits of solar LED Flood lights are only destined to increase as solar technology advances.



Do you know how did the commercial solar LED flood lights work?

Solar LED flood lights work by capturing energy from the sun on an integral or wire connected solar panel. The captured energy is then converted into electricity and stored in batteries.  This stored electricity is used to power the solar LED flood lights at night.

By having and using this lighting feature, business owners can have lower electricity bills and you can still have well-lighted outdoor premises even when there’s a power failure. Commercial solar flood lights can also boost the level of security in various types of business establishments. Below are the ways commercial solar LED flood lights can increase security in your business premises:
They can help boost nighttime pedestrian traffic and sense of security. Installing reliable outdoor lighting features can increase pedestrian traffic and help people in the area have a stronger sense of safety and security. This leads to an increase in customer traffic. If customers feel that your establishment has sufficient lighting, they will see this as a safe place to visit and they will be more apt to return.
In addition, this can also help boost the morale of your employees since having the right exterior lighting fixtures can provide them a sense of well-being that you provided the necessary lighting to ensure their safety. You also let your employees know that their security is top priority.
(RF solar LED Flood light package)
It can prevent crime against your property and people. Deterring crime is the main role that a solar LED flood light offers. Solar energy permits the LED flood lights to operate even when the power is out. Criminals are not known for operating in areas where they can easily be caught, such as places that have sufficient lighting. Lighting the exteriors of your business premises with good solar powered lighting fixtures that operate no matter what will help deter crime and also provide easy recognition if something still happens.
It will assist the use of other devices such as CCTV cameras installed on your outdoor premises. Solar flood lights provide better lighting for CCTV cameras to visually see what is in the area at a given time. There are certain types and brands of solar LED flood lights that can operate at a lower light level for camera use, and then switch to a high powered light when motion activated to increase visibility and distance of the camera’s sight. This ensures that security personnel outside your business premises enjoy full visibility of what is going on at a particular area at a specific time. Check our selection
Business owners have the big responsibility of providing additional safety and security at night for their employees, customers and their property. By investing in a reliable and low-cost lighting system, you can easily achieve this important goal.
Highly recommended NEWSTAR LED's RF solar LED Flood light. you can adjust the brightness.


Solar system RF solar led flood light, 3w/6w/10w/20w/30w solar led flood light

Solar system RF outdoor 10w led floodlight, RF solar led flood light

Support one 1pcs solar panel to connect with two 2pcs solar led flood lights with RF remote dimmable function. (only we can do it)

NEWSTAR LED co., limited is a professional LED lighting products manufacturer, now they came out a newest design “RF solar led flood light”. Normal solar led flood light just include solar panel, battery, led flood light, solar panel collects energy during the day and Automatically illuminates when the sun goes down provides some hours of light each night.
Now NEWSTAR LED manufacturer provide a smart solar led flood light, also include solar panel, battery, led flood light, AND RF remote, what is RF control? you should know it if you have RF rgb led flood light before, NEWSTAR LED's RF remote for the solar led flood light as below:

Let's see what’s special for RF Remote controller
1. One remote can control several lights.
2. After set code, the light will turn off during daytime, and it will turn on automatically after sunset, and lights will turn to be half power mode after few hours (you can set the time)
3. 100-150m control distance, brightness adjustable, all under control even you sit at balcony.

Want to know more details, please contact with us:

Adjust the brightness

Now let's see some pictures for NEWSTAR LED's  RF solar led flood light

(10W RF solar led flood light)

(This is still 10W RF solar led flood light, however it is used 30W led flood light housing, and more popular)

(safe package for RF solar led flood light)

Specification for 10W RF Solar led flood light
With 18pcs Epistar 5730SMD LEDs.
Light output is 700/350 lumens (full/half power).
Comparable to a 130 watt incandescent bulb (at full power).
International Standard materials..
2800-6500K color temperature is available (if you need RGB color, please contact us
Includes Ni-MH 7800mah 7.4Vt battery.
NEWSTAR LED also provide polycrystalline solar panel for you, or you can buy polycrystalline solar panel from other professional factory, and just buy RF solar led flood light from NEWSTAR LED.

Besides 10W RF solar led flood light, NEWSTAR LED also could provide 3W/6W/20W/30 RF solar led flood light for your choose, and provide OEM service, we can print your logo or other information on the Lamp or Box, if you have any other request, please also tell us

(20W RF Solar led flood light)

(30W RF Solar led flood light)

This incredibly bright LED solar flood light is powered by the sun and uses a fraction of the electricity of a normal light. Light up flags, signs, house numbers, driveways, porches, statuary, or any large outdoor feature. It lasts virtually forever with no utility charges, ever. Light stays bright for up to 7 hours at full-power when fully charged, but you can use RF remote to adjust the brightness, or let it turn to work in half power after few hours later(you can set this).

NEWSTAR LED solar led flood light system, include a RF controller, so it is more easy to control the lamp.

The users can change the brightness. This will depend on one’s preference. However, when the light is used specifically for lighting purposes at night, it is smart than other normal solar led flood light, as you can control it via RF remote.

If you wan to know more details about our RF Solar led flood light, please contact with us at once,, this is a good chance to expand your business in the solar lighting area, we are looking forward to get your inquiry.

1,  Default length cable wire, LED flood light with 1M DC Male, Solar Panel with 1M DC Female
2, If you need longer cable wire on the LED flood light, add $0.5 cost per meter, the Max length only 5M.
3, Support One solar panel connect with Two LED flood light, the one-in&two-out connecter is available.

Date: 11/7/2015